Major Changes

Major regulation and rule changes for this season are listed below. There are many other changes not listed here. Hunters are responsible for learning requirements and regulations pertaining to the types of hunting they pursue.

  • Boundary line between hunting zones A and C has been adjusted and affects fall hunting season dates. The line now begins at the Gulf of Mexico and runs northeast through Charlotte Harbor and up the Peace River until it intersects with S.R. 70. The line then becomes S.R. 70, running east until it meets U.S. 441 north of Lake Okeechobee. It then follows U.S. 441 south, where it proceeds around the eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee. The line then turns off U.S. 441 and onto S.R. 80 and runs just a few miles before turning east and becoming County Road 880, running just a few miles before joining back up with U.S. 98/441/S.R. 80/Southern Blvd., where it continues east all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. See page 23 to view updated Hunting Zone A and C map.
  • Daily bag limit for turkeys on private property has been increased to two birds statewide (excluding Holmes County). However, the
    daily limit is still one on WMAs. And, the season limit statewide remains two birds during the fall (all fall hunting seasons combined)
    and two birds during the spring.
  • Hunting Zone D has been divided into two Deer Management Units, and changes have been made to antler regulations and antlerless
    deer season (on private lands). North of Interstate 10 in Zone D, all antlered deer must have at least 3 points (1 inch or more in
    length) on one side OR have an antler with a main beam length of 10 inches or more to be legal to take. South of I-10, all antlered
    deer must have at least 2 points (1 inch or more in length) on one side to be legal to take. The antlerless deer season in Zone D also
    has been modified. See the Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits section on page 25 for details.
  • Bobcat hunting season on private lands has been extended statewide by a month and now runs Dec. 1–March 31.

FWC Facts:
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