Major Changes

Major regulation and rule changes for this season are listed below. There are many other
changes not listed here. Hunters are responsible for learning requirements and regulations pertaining to the types of hunting they pursue.


  • Two new public hunting areas have been established in the Southwest Region: Lower Hillsborough WMA (2,775 acres in Hillsborough County) and WeekiwacheeWMA (2,850 acres in Hernando County. See wildlife management summaries for hunting opportunities on these areas.
  • Hunting Zone D has been modified to include that portion of Wakulla County located south of U.S. Highway 98, east of Spring Creek Road and west of the Wakullaand St. Marks rivers. See updated Hunting Zone C and D map.
  • Changes to the guest permit now give quota permit holders the flexibility of taking a different guest each day of their quota hunt.
  • Air guns may now be used to take rabbits and gray squirrels on private and public lands (wildlife management areas).

FWC Facts:
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