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Use the dropdown menus below to view harvest totals for each of the limited entry quota permit hunts held on a WMA* during any one year. Find out more information about quota hunts. Quota Hunts listed as ‘0’ means either the hunt number was not recorded or it was not a limited entry quota hunt.

*only WMAs on which FWC manages the hunts and there is an operating check station and/or sign-out sheet.

NOTE: Harvest totals should be updated approximately 1-2 weeks following a hunt. Recorded harvest totals are subject to change as errors are identified and corrected. Erroneous totals are likely due to typos and/or missing entries. Reported harvest may not account for 100% of the actual harvest as some areas only operate a check station for a portion of a hunt or season. Reference our WMA brochures or Special Opportunity Dove Fields to see the check station requirements for each WMA. FWC staff do their very best to keep this information up to date and accurate.

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The FWC is working to expand deer hunting opportunities. Since 2005, 32 new WMAs have been added, totaling more than 141,000 acres.

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