PotashCorp - White Springs WMA

This management area is on reclaimed phosphate mining land in Hamilton County. The wetlands and open water areas on this WMA provide attractive habitat for a variety of waterfowl species. This public hunting area, administered by FWC through the North Central regional office (386-758-0525), has specific regulations and is open to hunting on certain days: refer to the area brochure for details.


NOTICE: Boundary Change on PotashCorp – White Springs WMA


The PotashCorp – White Springs Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is privately owned by PotashCorp-White Springs (PotashCorp) and has been included in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) public hunting program for many years. Through the FWC’s partnership with PotashCorp, this WMA will continue to provide waterfowl hunting opportunities for the public, following the acreage changes described below.


Recently, PotashCorp notified the FWC that due to new requirements for mining operations, all ponds on this area will be closed to public use. This action follows the near complete filling of the ponds on this WMA with mining sediment. However, PotashCorp has authorized the addition of the nearby Bee Haven Bay parcel (2,400 acres) to the WMA (click here for new mapAdobe PDF) beginning during the 2015-2016 waterfowl hunting season. Hunting and public access regulations on this new parcel will remain similar to past years on this WMA, except motorized boats will be allowed at idle speed only.


The FWC values the public hunting partnership with PotashCorp on this WMA and looks forward to this continued waterfowl hunting opportunity. If you have questions regarding this matter or other hunting opportunities, please contact our North Central Regional office at 386-758-0525.

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