Waterfowl Hunting

This page is dedicated to waterfowl hunting in Florida. To learn about issues related to waterfowl ecology and management, please visit our Florida's Waterfowl page.


2015-2016 Waterfowl Season Dates 

*regular season dates are proposed and subject to change until finalized

  • Early Canada Goose:  Sept. 5-27, 2015
  • September Teal and Wood Duck:  Sept. 19-23, 2015
  • September Teal Only: Sept. 24-27, 2015 
  • *Regular Season (Ducks, Coots, and Light Geese):  Nov. 21 - Nov. 29, 2015 and Dec. 12, 2015 - Jan. 31, 2016
  • *Regular Season Canada Goose:  Nov. 21 - Nov. 29, 2015 
  • Youth Duck and Goose: Feb. 6-7, 2016



Season Brochures and Other Regulations

Quota Permits

ADA Duck Blind

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