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Update - Wildlife Management Area Fields

Updates will be posted by close of business on the Thursday prior to each hunt. There may be a delay during holiday periods.


Dove Field

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Field Condition

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Apalachee WMA

no data  good low

 Contract farmers planted 121 acres of peanuts and 6 acres of corn. FWC staff planted 7.5 acres of sorghum, 6 acres of benne, and 16 acres of corn. Peanuts will be harvested in mid-October.

Apalachicola River WEA

  good low 

FWC staff planted 100 acres (30 fields) of proso and pearl millets, sorghum and Egyptian Wheat. 

Blackwater WMA

  good  low FWC staff planted 55 acres of browntop, dove proso, pearl millet.

Dinner Island SGHA




FWC staff planted approximately 200 acres of sorghum and Japanese millet. Fields have been wet. Strips will be mowed the week of each hunt.


   poor fair 

FWC staff planted 20 acres of Japanese, browntop, proso millets. Fields will be mowed in prep for opening day.

Dupuis WMA

 48/59  good fair-good

 FWC staff planted 35 acres of Browntop millet. Field has been fairly dry.

Joe Budd WMA




Field is planted in millet and benne and looks great. Benne is drying and dropping lots of seed.  Fresh strips have been mowed in the millet.

 Punta Gorda Water Treatment Facility

17/48   good fair

FWC planted 100 acres of millet.  Field is still damp.

Lake Wales Ridge WEA/ Royce Unit



low Field has 50 acres of Japanese, brown-top, dove proso millet, sorghum, and benne. Field has been wet with standing water in some spots.


Updated 10/20/14

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