Special Opportunity Dove Fields Update

Update - Special Opportunity Fields

Previous hunt updates will be posted the Monday following a hunt.

Field condition and dove outlook updates will be posted by close of business on the Thursday prior to each hunt. 

There may be a delay during holiday periods.


Dove Field

Harvest report: 9/27 hunt


Field Condition as of Sept. 24

Number of doves as of Sept. 24


Allapattah Flats

19/119  good  good  benne, Egyptian wheat, dove proso

Caravelle Ranch



 fair  browntop, Japanese, and pearl millets, Egyptian wheat and Milo; 2 plantings

Frog Pond North

 32/149  excellant       fair

 browntop millet, 2 plantings

Hilochee WMA

29/45  good - some hog damage      fair

 dove proso, Japanese  millet, benne

Koon Farm

 24/57 excellent       fair  corn, sunflowers, dove proso

North Newberry

 25/4 excellent        fair

 dove proso and bowntop millet



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