Florida Panther Outreach

Volunteers for this program will work alongside the Panther Outreach Specialist located in Naples, Florida.  The Panther Outreach Specialist focuses on educating residents of Collier, Lee, and Hendry counties on living with panthers.  As a volunteer, you’ll be instructing people how to avoid a negative human-panther interaction, what to do in the event you encounter a panther, and how to keep pets and livestock safe.   You will share the Living with Panther’s initiatives found on our panther website, MyFWC.com/panther, along with other practical advice at scheduled presentations and community events where the public can be engaged.  Project assistance is also needed to develop and locate educational materials and opportunities.  For more information on volunteering contact the volunteer coordinator: Jayne.Johnston@MyFWC.com.



FWC Facts:
Burrowing owls live as single breeding pairs or in loose colonies consisting of two or more families. Unlike most owls, burrowing owls are active during both day and night.

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