Bay scallop


Participate in a survey and help the FWC gather information about a particular species or project.


Bay Scallop Harvest Survey

Help biologists answer the question of how plentiful bay scallops are along Florida’s Gulf coast.

Boating and Angling Guide Survey

Do you use information from the free Boating and Angling Guides available from the FWC?

Florida Caverns State Park visitors: Have you visited caves or mines outside Florida?

This survey will help protect the bats in Florida Caverns State Park from white-nose syndrome, a disease that has killed millions of cave-hibernating bats in the United States and Canada.

Horseshoe Crab Nesting Activity

Help biologists identify nesting beaches around the state by reporting observations of horseshoe crab mating activities.

Black Crappie Management Plan Survey

FWC is developing a new statewide black crappie (also called speckled perch or specks) management plan.  We want to know your opinions and thoughts about black crappie fishing as well as FWC management of this species.

FWC Facts:
Horseshoe crabs are not crabs. They are in a class by themselves and are more closely related to spiders, scorpions and ticks.

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