Gopher tortoise

Help the FWC record sightings of a particular species.


Bald Eagle Nest Locator

Locate FWC-documented bald eagle nesting territories.

Bat Mortality Reporting

Report any sightings of sick and dying bats.

Bear Sightings

Report Florida black bear sightings to the FWC.

Nonnative Species Sightings External Website

Report sightings of nonnative animal and plant species.

Fish Kill Report

Report a fish kill, diseased fish or fish with other abnormalities.

Florida Shorebird Database

Submit and manage your observations of shorebirds and seabirds in Florida.

Fox Squirrel Sightings

The phase of collecting distribution data of fox squirrels is complete.

Gopher Tortoise App

Use this app to record the location of gopher tortoises you may see in your yard, neighborhood or crossing the road.

Gopher Tortoise Mortality Sightings

Report sightings of dead tortoises. For injured tortoises, please call FWC to locate a rehabilitator near you.

Horseshoe Crab Nesting Activity

Report observations of horseshoe crab mating activities.

Largemouth Bass - TrophyCatch External Website

Catch, document and release largemouth bass over eight pounds. This incentive-based conservation program helps biologists evaluate and enhance trophy bass fisheries.

Lionfish Reporting

Report lionfish sightings or harvest via our Report Florida Lionfish app or webpage.

Manatees – Tagged, Injured, Sick or Dead

Notify the FWC if you see a sick, injured, dead or tagged manatee.

Mink Sightings

Report mink sightings in Florida.

Northern Bobwhite Quail Sightings

Report Northern Bobwhite quail sightings

Panther Sightings

Report Florida panther sightings.

Rare Bird Registry

Help report Florida's rare upland birds.

Rare Snakes Registry

Help report Florida’s rare upland snakes.

Right Whale Sightings

Please report all right whale sightings to 1-877-WHALE-HELP (1-877-942-5343) or the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF Ch. 16.

Sea Turtle – Injured or Dead

Find out who to call if you find a dead, sick or injured sea turtle.

Smalltooth Sawfish

Report if you see or catch a sawfish while fishing or near the water.

Waterway Markers

Submit a report of missing or damaged signs or buoys (markers).

Whooping Crane Sightings

Find out how to report sightings of whooping cranes in Florida.

Wild Bird Die-Offs

Help FWC monitor wild bird populations in Florida by reporting sightings of dead birds.

Wildlife Assistance/Nuisance Wildlife

Resources for reporting sightings of nuisance wildlife in Florida, such as snakes, bears and rabid animals.

Wood Stork Nesting Colony Sightings

Report sightings of wood stork colonies.


FWC Facts:
Black bear cubs stay with their mother for a year and a half, and will usually den with her their first winter.

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