Ridge Rangers Calendar

  • The Ridge Rangers calendar shows all upcoming workdays and events. Click on any of the activities to see more about the workday or event:  where and when we'll be meeting, what we'll be doing, and what to bring, etc.

  • Ridge Rangers workdays are generally three to four hours long, and the specific times for each are shown in the details for the activity. See 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Ridge Rangers Workdays to learn more.

  • Everyone is welcome to sign up and participate in a Ridge Rangers workday!  To learn more about the Ridge Rangers program and workdays, send an email to the Ridge Rangers Coordinator where you can you ask your questions.

  • You can sign up directly for a workday or event and without an account in the calendar system (but having an account will make sign up easier). Click on the "Register" icon in the event details to sign up.

  • Want to set up an account to make signing up for a workday easier? See the Ridge Rangers Calendar Account Guide for a few pointers.

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