Northeast Region Volunteer Program

The Northeast Region Volunteer Program involves a wide range of conservation projects aimed at conserving, monitoring, and protecting species and habitats. 

Northeast Region Counties: Marion, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard, Volusia, Flagler, Putnam, and St. Johns.

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Shorebirds
    Assist the Florida Shorebird Alliance with:
    • Shorebird monitoring: conduct surveys to track beach nesting bird activity
    • Stewarding: stewards carry out two important tasks: 1) minimizing disturbance to the nests, and 2) informing beach-goers about the need to protect beach-nesting birds
    • Posting Sites: help install signs and symbolic fencing to help reduce the levels of disturbance at important beach-nesting bird sites
    • Roof top nests: return chicks that have fallen from rooftops nests
    • Visit the Florida Shorebird Alliance External Website for additional details

      Location: St. Johns, Volusia, Brevard 
      Timeframe: Spring-Summer
  • Jay Watch
    FWC is partnering with Audubon Florida to conduct Jay Watch External Website surveys.  You can help conduct scientific surveys that monitor populations of the endemic Florida Scrub-Jay.

    Location: Marion (Halpata-Tastanaki Preserve, Cross Florida Greenway “Triangle” Property, Ocala National Forest, and Ross Prairie State Forest), Lake (Private Property in Paisley), and Citrus County (Pott’s Preserve WMA)
    Timeframe: Summer, weekdays

  • Southeastern American Kestrel Nestbox Monitoring
    FWC utilizes nestboxes to increase populations of the threatened Southeastern American Kestrel. Volunteers can assist with maintain and monitoring nestboxes in Citrus, Marion, and Levy counties.

    Location: Citrus, Marion, and Sumter counties
    Timeframe: Spring-Summer

  • Gopher Tortoise Burrow Surveys
    Volunteers are needed to conduct gopher tortoise burrow surveys on development sites permitted for the incidental take of gopher tortoises. Gopher tortoise burrow surveys are necessary to determine the number of burrows that would potentially be impacted by a development project, and ensure that all tortoises living in those burrows are humanely relocated off site.

    Location: All counties
    Timeframe: Year-round

  • Bluebird Nestbox Monitoring
    Help FWC biologists maintain and monitor bluebird nestboxes.

    Location: Marion County, Ross Prairie State Forest  
    Timeframe: Late Winter-Summer

  • Freshwater Fisheries Monitoring
    Volunteers can help monitor fish populations by participating in fisheries management.  Projects vary but may include opportunities such as: electrofishing, assisting with fishing derbies, building fish attractors, and general help/labor.

    Location: All counties
    Timeframe: Year-round

  • Habitat Maintenance
    Wildlife depend on the habitat found on our Wildlife Management Areas. Help maintain this valuable habitat by participating in:
    • Native Plantings
    • Invasive Species Removals
    • Debris Cleanups  
    • Building/construction events (nestboxes)

      Location: All counties
      Timeframe: Year-round
  • Outreach
    FWC attends community events throughout the northeast region and we are always looking for assistance with these events. As a volunteer you will be tasked with helping set up, talking with the public, providing information, and assisting with disassembling. Events may include festivals, college volunteer fairs, schools, etc. 

    Location: All counties
    Timeframe: Year-round

  • Bear Aware Canvassing
    Human-bear conflicts are increasing as development continues to expand into bear habitat. The key to reducing the number of conflicts lies in educating Florida's residents on living in bear country. Volunteers can help by visiting neighborhoods where bears have been reported and educate homeowners about living with black bears.

    Location: All counties
    Timeframe: Year-round

How to sign up

For more information on volunteer opportunities in the Northeast Region or to sign up as a volunteer, e-mail the Northeast Region Volunteer Coordinator or call our Ocala Regional Office at (352) 732-1225.

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