Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications for Law Enforcement Positions

In order to be considered for a sworn position with the Division of Law Enforcement, you must:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Have a high school diploma or GED and one of the following:
    • 2 years military experience
    • 2 years public contact experience
    • 1 year sworn law enforcement experience
    • 30 semester/45 quarter hours at an accredited college or university
  • Have a valid Florida driver's license with no more than four moving traffic violations within the past three years
  • Have not been convicted of any felony; or any misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement or domestic violence
  • Have not been convicted of driving a vehicle or operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance within the past five years
  • Have not refused to submit to a breath/blood/urine test within five years
  • Have not been dishonorably discharged from any of the Armed Forces of the United States
  • Have good moral character

Vision Requirements

Applicants must pass a thorough visual evaluation and meet the following requirements:

  • Unaided vision not less than 20/100 in each eye and corrected to 20/20
  • Field of vision must be at least 130 degrees
  • Must have the ability to distinguish primary colors and have binocular vision
  • Must not have double vision, lack of depth perception or other chronic eye disorders that affect normal vision

Medical Requirements

  • Must pass a thorough medical examination by a licensed physician
  • Must pass a psychological evaluation by a psychologist designated by the Division of Law Enforcement

Physical Fitness Requirements

  • Must pass a physical fitness test which assesses explosive power, dynamic strength, muscular endurance and aerobic capacity
  • Must be able to swim 150 yards continuously (untimed)

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