FWC Marine Fisheries Workshops

January/February 2017 Public Hearing & Scoping Meetings scheduled

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council will hold a series of public hearing/scoping meetings and webinars to collect public input on proposed management measures for yellowtail snapper, red snapper options and more.

Florida meeting dates and locations:

Jan 12 and 17 - Webinars

Jan. 18 - Key West

Jan. 19 - Marathon

Jan. 23 - Jacksonville

Jan. 24 - Cocoa Beach

Jan. 25 - Stuart

Jan. 26 - Key Largo

For details on meeting locations, webinar registration, amendment documents/presentations, and instructions on how to submit written comments, visit the Council's website: 

Public Hearing & Scoping Meetings

Public comment will be accepted on each amendment at all in-person public hearing/scoping meetings. The Council is also accepting written comments.

FWC Facts:
Nearly one-fourth of all marine animals, including about 7,000 species of fish, depend upon coral reefs for some part of their life cycle.

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