Florida Lionfish State Records

FWC has organized a state records program for invasive lionfish. Record holders will be recognized here on the website. See our list below for current records.

Please read through the rules and requirements thoroughly prior to submitting an application. Complete, sign and submit your application by emailing Lionfish@MyFWC.com.


Spearing  Hook and Line  Junior

Lionfish State Record ApplicationAdobe PDF

Spearing Division


Atlantic - Longest

Captain Jimmy Nelson


May 21, 2015

477 mm (18.78 in)

Nelson record


Nelson Record


Gulf - Heaviest 

Gant Petty


October 8, 2016

1445.42 g (3.2 lbs)

Lionfish on scale



 Gant Petty record lionfish


Gulf - Longest

Travis Kersting


July 30, 2016

455 mm (17.91 in)

Lionfish Gulf Length record



Hook and Line Division

 Gulf - Longest and Heaviest

Darren Parker 

Lynn Haven

May 15, 2016

414 mm (16.29 in)

1040 g (2.30 lbs)


 Darren Parker Hook Line State Record Lionfish


Junior Division (under 16 years of age)


Gulf - Longest and Heaviest

Christopher Encarde

Fort Walton Beach

September 25, 2016

398mm (15.67 in)

886 g (1.95 lbs)

 lionfish length measurement

 Encarde lionfish display



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