Lionfish Derby and Event Calendar

FWC Lionfish Control Team logoGet in involved with lionfish removal by attending one of the following derbies or events.

Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day: First Saturday after Mother's Day each year.

Become a Reef Ranger: Adopt a reef and pledge to remove and report lionfish.

Host a workshop: FWC led lionfish handling and filleting demos. Email name, organization/business name, location and an estimated number of attendees to

Attention Dive Shop Owners:

Host a "Become the Predator" workshop and lionfish excursion. In partnership with dive shops, FWC educates and trains divers to confidently and safely harvest lionfish. Interested in hosting a workshop and lionfish excursion? Contact

FWC encourages dive shops and charter captains to implement lionfish excursions into their regularly-scheduled charters to meet diver demand and contribute to statewide removal efforts.

To feature lionfish brochures Adobe PDF  in your shop, send your mailing address and number of brochures to

2017 Derby Calendar

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2/11 Key Largo REEF Winter Lionfish Derby Emily Stokes
4/20-5/20 Jacksonville Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast (LRAD)

Donny Trauthwein

4/22 Miami 4earth Lionfish Derby

Analisa Duran

4/28-30 Tampa Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge  Bill Hardman
5/13-9/6 Statewide Lionfish Safari (Pre-Tournament)

Reef Monitoring

5/19-21 Pensacola Lionfish World Championship (Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day)

Andy Ross

5/20-21 Destin Destin Lionfish Tournament (LRAD) Robert Provost
5/20-21 Panama City Beach Lion Tamer Tournament (LRAD) Stacie Galbreath
5/20 St. Petersburg Florida Skin Divers Association Lionfish Calcutta (LRAD) Teresa Hattaway
5/20 Pompano Beach Force-E Scuba Centers Lionfish Removal Day
5/27-28 Sebastian Sebastian Lionfish Fest (LRAD) Kendra Cope
6/3 Mexico Beach Mexico Beach Gollywhopper Zach Childs
6/9-11 Key West That's What She Shot Lea Moeller
6/10 Fort Pierce Treasure Coast Lionfish Safari Don Voss
6/10-11 Gulf Breeze Gulf Breeze Sertoma 27th Family Fishing Rodeo Andy McKeown
6/17 Jacksonville Divers Supply Jacksonville Spearfishing Tournament

Christian Roberts

6/24 Jupiter Martin County's 7th Annual Lionfish Round-Up  April Price
6/24 Miami 7th Annual Lionfish Bash

Lucy Foerster

7/7-9 Sarasota REEF Sarasota Lionfish Derby

Emily Stokes

7/14-15 Fort Lauderdale REEF Fort Lauderdale Lionfish Derby

Emily Stokes

7/28-29 Upper Keys REEF Upper Keys Lionfish Derby

Emily Stokes

8/11-13 Palm Beach REEF Palm Beach County Lionfish Derby

Emily Stokes

8/18-20 St. Petersburg St. Pete Open Keith Ludwig
9/7-10 St. Petersburg Lionfish Safari

Reef Monitoring


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Other events where you can learn about lionfish: 

Upcoming "Become the Predator" workshops: 

Learn about lionfish, their invasion, and how to safely target and remove them from Florida waters.

Lionfish Tournament Results

Historical Tournament Results

2017 (size is in mm unless otherwise noted)

REEF Winter Lionfish Derby Key Largo 2/11 420 452 93
Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast (LRAD) Jacksonville 4/20-5/20 4618 N/A N/A
4earth Lionfish Derby Miami 4/22 15 10.3 in 5.5 in
Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge Tampa 4/28-30 63 N/A N/A
Lionfish World Championship (Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day) Pensacola 5/19-21 6043 17.09 in 2.91 in
Lion Tamer Tournament (LRAD) Panama City Beach 5/20-21 1283 N/A N/A
Force-E Scuba Centers Lionfish Removal Day Pompano Beach 5/20 72 410 79
Sebastian Lionfish Fest (LRAD) Sebastian 5/27-28 278 394 111
Mexico Beach Gollywhopper Mexico Beach 6/3 515.55 lbs N/A N/A
That's What She Shot Key West 6/9-11 146 N/A N/A
Treasure Coast Lionfish Safari Fort Pierce 6/10 227 425 125
Gulf Breeze Sertoma 27th Family Fishing Rodeo Gulf Breeze 6/10-11 357 N/A N/A

Total: 12 derbies


Total: 13,872 lionfish


More information:

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Lionfish FAQs

2013 Lionfish Summit

Lionfish Brochure Adobe PDF

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