Lionfish Challenge Hall of Fame

2017 Lionfish Challenge Standings

Total number of lionfish removed: 26,454

Recreational Category

Total number of lionfish removed: 9,034

Number of participants: 107

Lionfish King: Ken Ayers Jr. with 1,250 lionfish removed


Lionfish King or Queen Leaderboard 




Recreational Participants: 25 lionfish or less


Don Richitt 

Russell Sinclair  

Christina Arnold 

John Kovalchick

Larry Burgoyne

Julie Cage

Debbie Demeo

Johnoly Conley

Mary Alice Foote

Jason Foote

Mike Yee

Dawn Ross

Clyde Wylie

Patrick McCarver 

Deirdre Pacha

Harold Davis

Marco Auson 

William Bebb

Charles Burley

Dustin Veatch

Alex Pacha 

Scott Noyes

Michael Echevarria 

Ronald Glaze

John Stanley

Tom Wammack

Clyde Wylie

Brandon Warner

Rick Warner

Curtis Zacker 

Kelly Davis

Ivan Stanke

Jimmy Hooper 

Laura Warner

George Blasingame

Terry Zacker

Donavan Hooper 

Lauren Parrino

Jessica Zacker

Anthony Davit

Glen Hoffman

Allen Perkins

Jonathan Blue

Sally Sandburg

Sharon Zacker

Christopher Delaney

Tony Marshall

April Tracy

Misty Matthews 

Lynn Hartzell

Isidoro Bedoya 

Frederick Wyatt

Greg Shamrock

Ron Trent 

Timothy Hall

Adam Morse

Casey Warner

Dustin Warner

Todd Ringling 

Nicole Cline

Jonathan Pacha

Jay Cross

Nicole Pacha

Chris Seymore

Jeffrey Warner

Luke Marler

Dana Vihlen

Glen Grant

Mark Wylie

Lauren Connolly 

Matthew Spears 

David Haynes

Tanner Warner

Patricia Stewart

Katrina McLeod

James DeMeo

Earl Solomon

Roston Henderson

Catalina Ramirez



Commercial Category

Total pounds of lionfish removed: 15,800.2 lbs

Number of participants: 13

Commercial Champion: Joshua Livingston with 4,560 pounds of lionfish removed



Pounds of lionfish removed

Joshua Livingston


Ron Surrency


Doug Wiggin


Rachel Bowman


Robert Stapleton


David Garrett


Rayce Boyd


Meaghan Faletti


Christopher Barton


Bob Cox


Stephen McCalvin


Stephen Sanders


Ritchie Zacker




2016 Lionfish Challenge 

Total lionfish removed: 16,609

# of divers: 95

(includes lionfish harvested as part of the Panhandle Pilot Program) 

Lionfish King: David Garrett, 3,324 lionfish removed

2016-17 Panhandle Pilot Program

Total lionfish removed: 9,385

#of divers: 39

51 of 130 red grouper and cobia tags distributed

Qualified to name an artificial reef: 8

Team/Person Reef Name Reef Location
Hang On (G. Shepard, M. Singer, N. Cox, M. Christopher) TBD Franklin
Georgia Crackers (B. Parsons, T. Waldron, C. Burger, H. Parsons, T. Huff) Sgt. James Taylor Waldron Reef Escambia
Texas Lionfish Control Unit (B. Marshall, B. Hale, G. Riffe, J. Day) Moira the Mermaid's Fish Condo Escambia
Crazy Blonde (R. Capps, M. Elliott, D. Wiggin, B. Stapleton, B. Floyd) Crazy Blonde Reef  Bay
Margaritaville (J. Dickinson, C. Sernaglia)  LandShark Reef Escambia
Bobcat Divers (C. Cox, R. Cox, B. Higdon, K. Higdon, R. Childs) Jim Whitright Memorial Reef Bay 
Reef Cleaner (B. Belzer, H. Wells, J. Mead, W. Ealis) B.H. Welzer Escambia
Phi Delta Theta (B. Parsons, T. Waldron, C. Burger, H. Parsons, T. Huff) Elbert Lamar "Tres" Bailes III Reef Escambia

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Gar and bowfin, or mudfish, have specially adapted swim bladders that allow them to gulp air at the surface when oxygen levels are low.

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