2017 Lionfish Challenge

      Current Standings & Hall of Fame    

The 2017 Lionfish Challenge was from May 20, 2017, through Sept. 4, 2017. The 2017 recreational Lionfish King was Ken Ayers and the Commercial Champion was Joshua Livingston. Learn more about the winners of the 2017 Lionfish Challenge on the Hall of Fame page. 

Lionfish Challenge 2017


  • Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day 2017 (May 20, 2017) through Labor Day (Sept. 4, 2017)


  • Statewide

How to Participate

  • Participants may only qualify for one category (recreational or commercial). All participants who have an active Saltwater Products License and who have commercial lionfish sales within the past year will automatically be included in the commercial category.



Panhandle Pilot Program

This yearlong program for Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Bay, Gulf and Franklin counties ended May 19, 2017.


FWC Facts:
Five different species of snook inhabit Florida waters: common snook, small-scale fat snook, large-scale fat snook, swordspine snook and tarpon snook.

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