Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs

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FWC’s Saltwater Angler Recognition programs encourage anglers to target a diversity of species, expand fishing experiences for seasoned anglers, cultivate an interest in saltwater fishing and strengthen marine fisheries conservation ethics. 

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Saltwater Fish Life ListLife List Graphic External Website

Challenges anglers to catch 71 different species of saltwater fish. 

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Recognizes anglers for extraordinarily-sized catches of 30 different saltwater species.

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 Saltwater Grand Slams  External Website

FWC’s Saltwater Grand Slam program is the catch of three different species in a 24-hour period. 

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Fishing Records External Website

Conducted in collaboration with IGFA, state all-tackle records for the harvest for the heaviest fishes caught in Florida waters are maintained for 76 marine species in both conventional tackle and fly fishing categories. Catches must be made according to FWC and IGFA angling rules. The angler’s signature on a completed application form must be witnessed by a notary. The application must be accompanied by line or tippet samples and photographs as specified in the IGFA world record requirements. Species that pose a problem of identity require determination by an ichthyologist or qualified fishery biologist.

Please note that according to IGFA angling rules, to qualify for a record, the catch must not be at variance with any laws or regulations governing the species or the waters in which it was caught.

Florida Fishing Records 2015-2016 Adobe PDF

Florida State Saltwater Record Application Adobe PDF

Previous Florida Fishing Records

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These programs:

  • Engage anglers and instill a conservation ethic among anglers
  • Educate anglers about the importance of conserving marine fisheries resources
  • Allow the public to participate in the management of Florida’s unique aquatic resources
  • Give anglers the chance to target more than one specific species, and teach anglers the importance of this and how it decreases fishing pressure on any given species. 
  • All of the above programs are supported by the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration program.

FWC Facts:
Sailfish live for about 5 years.

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