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  • Commission Meeting - Sarasota
    The FWC Commission will discuss several marine fisheries management items June 25. Learn more.

  • Attend a Marine Fisheries Management Workshop in July: The FWC is hosting several workshops across the state throughout the month of July 2015 to gather public  input and develop a better understanding of the public’s views on marine fisheries. Learn more.
  • Help control the lionfish population. Become an FWC Reef Ranger today. Learn more. 
  • Attention Dive Shop Owners: Educate others about the lionfish issue by featuring our lionfish brochure in your shop. Send your mailing address to to receive our newest lionfish brochure. Lionfish BrochureAdobe PDF

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Dan Ellinor with gag grouper

Dan Ellinor with a gag grouper

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Some snook spend more time in fresh water than saltwater.

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