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Lake TohopekaligaLake Tohopekaliga, known to the locals as Lake Toho, is an 18,810-acre lake located southeast of the city of Kissimmee. The lake's Commission-made fish attractors are especially popular fishing areas, and their locations are available on the Lake Toho Fish Attractor Map PDF document and at our Interactive Fish Attractor Map External Website.

For more information on Lake Toho or the fish camps in the area, please contact the Kissimmee Fisheries office at 407-846-5191.



Popular species:

Popular fish species

Fish graphics by Duane Raver, Jr.


TrophyCatchTrophyCatch Tracker

TrophyCatch is FWC's citizen-science program that rewards anglers for documenting and releasing trophy bass 8 pounds or larger. The following TrophyCatch bass have been submitted from Lake Tohopekaliga:

Lunker Club (8 – 9.9 pounds): 247

Trophy Club (10 – 12.9 pounds): 55


 Current Forecast:

Anglers will locate spawning bass in and around shallow water vegetation at Goblets Cove, Browns Point, Big Grassy Island, and South Steer Beach areas.  Again, golden shiners will be the bait of choice, as well as plastic worms and slowly fished spinnerbaits.

Black crappies will be found near the entrance of Goblets Cove, between Paradise and Makinson Islands and around the mouth of Shingle Creek. Drifting minnow under a bobber will be the proven method to catch crappies.

Anglers targeting redear sunfish should try North Steer Beach, Goblets Cove and Makinson Island. Fish the submersed vegetation using red wigglers fished on the bottom.

FWC Facts:
Snook can adapt to sudden changes in salinity with the help of chloride cells within their gills.

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