Lake MonroeSeminole & Volusia counties

The St. Johns River flows through this 9,406-acre lake. The city of Sanford borders the southern shoreline. Public access can be utilized off the Seminole County side of the intersection of Highway 17/92 and I-4; the north side of the lake off of Enterprise Road; and at Monroe Harbor Marina in downtown Sanford. Private access and more recent fishing information can be obtained from Lake Monroe Inn Bait & Tackle (407-322-3108), Highbanks Marina and Camp Resort (386-668-4491), or Best Western Marina (407-323-1910).

For further information please contact our Regional Office at 352-732-1225.

 Current Forecast:

During the heat of the day, fish will be seeking deeper, cooler waters.  If summer rain patterns continue, small, scattered bulrush patches will provide some habitat on the northern and western shores for both largemouth bass and bream anglers to target during this quarter.  Eelgrass beds, particularly on the western and southern shores, may also provide deepwater habitat for bass and bream should water levels rise.  Best bets will be fishing the early morning and late evening, before the heat gets too intense.


FWC Facts:
Our bass fisheries provide significant value to our state. Ensuring healthy lakes and rivers benefits many species of fish and wildlife as well as trophy fisheries.

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