Kenansville Lake - formerly Blue Cypress Reservoir

Kenansville LakeIndian River County

Kenansville Lake is a shallow 2,500- acre impoundment with an average water depth of 3 feet. This area was cattle pasture prior to flooding in 1993. Boaters, especially those unfamiliar with this water body, should navigate with caution as there are rows of submerged fence posts throughout the lake. Interior levees are also located at the north, center and south areas of the lake. A single lane concrete boat ramp is the only facility on the site. The town of Kenansville is the closest place to obtain gas, food and bait. Although most anglers fish this area by boat, bank fishing is available along the access canal and north end of the lake for those willing to walk or ride a bicycle to those areas. The most popular fish species include: black crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass and catfish.

Anglers are reminded that all largemouth bass caught must be released immediately under the special no-harvest regulation.

 Current Forecast:

Water levels up and hydrilla coverage  running around 75% right now makes it is difficult to say how the lake will fish during the Jul-Sept period.  Bass fishing was fairly consistent throughout the winter into the early summer period, but staff recently had reports of the access canal to the lake being block by excessive vegetation despite control efforts.  This can be a real disappointment for anglers who have driven considerable distance to go fishing.  With this in mind,  anglers coming to fish the lake should have a backup fishing lake, be that Lake Marian, Lake Jackson or other nearby lake.

Bass fishing usually drops off dramatically during the summer months but anglers targeting bluegill and redear sunfish should be able to locate fair numbers of these panfish in 2-3 feet of water adjacent to levees and along submerged canal berms throughout the lake.  Anglers may have to spend more time trying to pattern fish with all the hydrilla present throughout the lake.  Based on recent habitat surveys, the area of the lake north of the center canal had the greatest amount of openwater present.  Bass anglers are definitely going to have to think weedless in there lure selection (soft plastics, spinner baits and spoons).  For bluegill live crickets will to be responsible for producing some of the better catches compared to anglers using artificials.  Black crappie anglers may want to try drifting live minnows slowly under a small float in the deeper waters along the east side but anglers may have to resort to targeting them in holes and along the edges of hydrilla.

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Gulf sturgeon can grow to a maximum length of about 8 feet and weigh approximately 150-220 pounds.

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