Lake Rousseau (Citrus, Marion and Levy counties)

Scenic photo of Lake Rousseau

Levy and Citrus Counties

An impoundment of the Withlacoochee River, as part of the original Cross Florida Barge Canal project, this large lake is full of cypress trees, hyacinth and pennywort islands and sometimes hydrilla. Abundant cover and structure grow plenty of bluegill, redear sunfish, catfish, black crappie and largemouth bass. The deeper river channel is always good to locate and fish underwater bends. The rest of the lake is referred to as the "flats" or the backwaters.

Local contacts:
Big Bass Village 352-447-3474, toll free 1-877-463-4742
Lake Rousseau RV Park/Fishing Resort 352-795-6336,
Dunnellon Bait and Tackle 352-465-2755

Current Forecast:

As the summer conditions set in, early morning and evening fishing will lead to more success. Consider the deeper water of the channel or the box cut sides of the lock area for cooler water.  Slower presented baits for largemouth bass around deeper water with submerged logs or fallen over tree tops.  Live golden shiners, slow trolled or allowed to free line close to vegetation edge.  Pitching crayfish imitations in and around denser surface vegetation is a proven tactic for lie-n-wait predators.  Target channel, white, or bullhead catfish with natural baits or store bought stink baits.  A recent success story catching catfish was by using left over frozen shrimp.  Trying different bait, such as something used in saltwater, might be the ticket for connecting with the big shell crackers here.  Bluegills like to hang out under the dense mats of pennywort, so try opening up a hole with a rake and dipping bait.


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