New Regulations/Changes for 2013-14

Effective July 1, 2013

• TrophyCatch is the FWC’s new incentive-based program to document catch and release of large bass. A new rule allows participating anglers to temporarily possess one bass 13 pounds or greater, over legal length and bag limits, while awaiting FWC staff certification. The fish must be kept alive until certified and then released in the water body where caught.

• Baymeadows Fish Management Area, Duval County, is a newly established Fish Management Area (25 acres).

• The recreational fishing boundary for Lake Okeechobee was amended to include two canals and one creek connected to Lake Okeechobee.

• Edward Medard Park Reservoir Fish Management Area, Hillsborough County is a newly established Fish Management Area (770 acres).

FWC Facts:
The St. Johns River hosts the southernmost population of spawning American shad in North America.

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