Northwest Region Piers

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The table below the map lists all of the fishing piers in this region by county and water body. It also indicates the agency that manages the site, whether it is barrier free (handicapped accessible), has restrooms nearby and has fish attractors within casting distance of the pier.

fishing piers in Northwest Region

45 Bay Deerpoint Highway 2321 at west end of dam FWC & Bay County Yes No Planned
31 Escambia Lake Stone Off SR 4 ,SW of Century FWC Yes Yes Yes
34 Gadsden Apalachicola River Chatahootchee, Florida COE No No No
20 Gadsden Lake Talquin West side of Talquin End of High Bluff Rd. FWC Yes No Yes
44 Gulf Intercoastal Waterway White City Gulf County No No No
21 Jefferson Lake Miccosukee Hwy. 90- 5 miles W. of Monticello FWC Yes No No
33 Leon Lake Talquin Lake Talquin State Rec. Area DEP Yes Yes No
32 Okaloosa Hurricane Lake 6 miles W. of Blackman FWC-Forestry Division Yes Yes Yes
22 Santa Rosa Bear Lake NE of Munson on SR 4 FWC-Forestry Division Yes Yes Yes

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