Fishing Capital of the World


Florida is recognized as the "Fishing Capital of the World" based on the number of freshwater and saltwater anglers, amount of time spent fishing, economic impact, diversity of recreational species, international fishing records set here and tourists who use our resources. The most recent National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Related Recreation (U.S. Department of Interior, 2006) again ranked Florida No. 1 in in-state anglers (2.8 million vs. No. 2 California with 2.5 million), angler expenditures in state ($4.4 billion vs. No. 2 Texas with $3.4 billion), economic impact ($7.5 billion vs. No. 2 Texas with $6.1 billion), angler-supported jobs (75,068 vs. No. 2 Texas with 59,938), and state and local taxes generated by sport fishing ($440 million vs. No. 2 Texas with $392 million).

In addition, approximately 35 percent of all International Game Fish Association records in the U.S. come from Florida (Florida has 4,755 vs. No. 2 Alaska with 1,354, of 13,534 U.S. records, including line-classes). Florida even has more record catches than the next highest country, with 18.5 percent of all IGFA records worldwide. (Australia has 1,530 records, of 25,652 worldwide; Pers. Comm., Jack Vitek, IGFA World Records Department.)

Our vision is to also become the undisputed "Bass Fishing Capital of the World."

FWC Facts:
Help remove nonnative lionfish from Florida waters to limit negative impacts to native fish and wildlife. They can be speared, caught in hand-held nets or on hook and line.

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