The following sections contain the action items that are being collectively proposed to manage black bass fisheries. The four categories: New Opportunities, Habitat Management, Fish Management and People Management were derived from public input, as described above, and recommendations of the TAG. As you read through this section, remember there is a glossary, including definitions for acronyms, at the end of this publication, along with a bibliography that includes links to many important reference papers. Also included in the appendices is a summary of the public input that helped generate this plan and a table listing each action item in terms of priority, anticipated costs, manpower needs, legal or administrative issues that need to be addressed, and time to accomplish. FWC will work with our partners and stakeholders to consider ways to efficiently accomplish the plan (e.g., collaboration, volunteers, grants, sponsors or new research innovations). Prior to implementation, these action items will be incorporated into agency work plans using more detailed SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely).


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