Monday - Fish

  • Introduction to Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Joe Budd Aquatic Education Center and Fish Camp; Overview of Fish Camp rules and expectations
  • Fish Facts - fish identification, distinguishing characteristics, habitats, feeding preferences, bag limits
  • Tackle - rod & reel assembly, cane poles, types of tackle, types of knots, how to select tackle for specific species of fish, maintenance of tackle
  • Casting - how to cast several types of reels, casting clinic with water rings
  • Bait - types of live bait, how to catch bait (cast net, dip net), artificial bait
  • Fishing - how to fish (species specific), catch and release techniques, fish stringers and cooler use, hands-on fishing

Tuesday - Boats

  • Boats - intro to different types of fishing crafts (jon boat, canoe, etc.), how to operate trolling motors, battery care and safety, navigation
  • Boating safety - Wildlife Officer presentation of boating and water safety, complete boating safety workbook for certification
  • Practice boating - oaring and trolling motor operation
  • Boat fishing and bank fishing

Wednesday - Fish Biology

  • Fisheries Biologist visit - description of duties and fisheries projects
  • Fisheries equipment - shocker boat demonstration, telemetry, nets
  • Cast nets - techniques and practice sessions
  • Scientific procedures - fish dissection, otilith removal for ageing
  • Aquatic food chain - use dip nets for collection of organisms for microscope and stereoscope observation, aquatic plant identification, wading birds, reptiles
  • Fish cleaning - scaling, skinning, filleting
  • Boat and bank fishing

Thursday - Fishing

  • Fishing tournament - boat and shore categories, categories for different species of fish, prizes
  • Fish cleaning - scaling, skinning, filleting
  • Fish games - rowing competitions, casting contests

Friday - Fish Preparation and Fish Fry

  • Review of fishing knowledge - safety, tackle, techniques, skill
  • Fish preparation and cooking - fish fry for all (parents and family invited)
  • Fish games - championship rounds for rowing and casting

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