This page introduces you to Conservation Core Concept 6. There are 12 Core Concepts

Conservation Core Concepts are fundamental ideas in fish and wildlife conservation that clearly state what every citizen should know about:

  1.    Conservation of Florida’s fish and wildlife
  2.    Managing Florida’s fish and wildlife resources
  3.    Role of fish and wildlife agencies in conservation
  4.    Role of citizens in fish and wildlife conservation

Incorporating the Core Concepts into FWC’s education and outreach programs focuses and strengthens these efforts in Florida.

6. Informed, supportive and active citizens and partners with FWC are vital to sustaining Florida’s fish and wildlife.

Key Message: The future of Florida’s fish and wildlife depends on citizens and partners working together with FWC. Fish and wildlife are shared resources and sustaining thriving populations depends on us all.

Why this is important:  The success of fish and wildlife depends on strong public support and active participation.  It will take whole communities working together with FWC to sustain fish and wildlife. Conservation education and participation in fish and wildlife recreation fosters a conservation ethic and a willingness to act on behalf of our natural resources. FWC cannot accomplish this mission alone. Partners are essential to sustain Florida’s fish and wildlife.

Every day people make decisions that affect fish and wildlife in Florida. Whether it is in your backyard, at the polls, on the water, in the woods or on the road there is much each of us can do. Learn ways you can get involved with FWC and help us conserve Florida’s fish and wildlife resources.

FWC Facts:
If you were born on or after June 1, 1975, you must pass a hunter safety course before you can buy a Florida hunting license.

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