Q: Do I need to attend a hunter safety course to participate in FLYHEC?

A: Yes, you must present a copy of your Hunter Safety Card when you register for FLYHEC.

Q: How old do I have to be to participate in FLYHEC?

A: You may participate as soon as you receive your Hunter Safety Card.

Q: Do I have to own all the equipment to join?

A: You do not. We have a lot of equipment available, which we can let you use.

Q: Do I have to practice and compete in ALL events?

A: Up to the Regional level, you do not. Although we encourage you to try them all, you are welcome to participate in the events you are comfortable with.  Once you reach the State Competition, each competitor must participate in all 8 events.

Q: Can girls compete with or against boys in FLYHEC?

A: YES. We have many girls in the FLYHEC Program.


FWC Facts:
The Hunter Safety Mentoring exemption encourages experienced hunters to teach novice hunters about safety, ethics, wildlife, hunting skills and respect for Florida's outdoors.

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