NASP Teacher Training

Designed for Physical Education Classes

The heart of the National Archery in the Schools Program is teacher training.  Each certified teacher will have attended a one-day Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) workshop, where they will receive instruction in:

  • Safe Range Set-up (indoor and outdoor)
  • String Bow Training Device
  • 11 Steps to Archery Success
  • Individual & Coaching Skills Development
  • Safety Orientation & Teaching a New Archer
  • Practical Exercise
  • Running the Range & Practice Coaching
  • Equipment Nomenclature, Inspection, Operation, Maintenance and Repair

Once the teacher is certified, they will acquire the curriculum for their school's grade level, learn how to acquire equipment for their school and implement a 2-week archery program for every child in their physical education classes.

Teacher Training at the 2009 FAHPERDS Conference

Each teacher will receive a workshop agenda to submit for in-service training points.  If you are interested in attending a BAI Workshop, or your school district would like to host a BAI Workshop, please contact Florida NASP Coordinator Steve Robbins at or by calling (386) 754-1655, and we will put you in contact with a regional coordinator in your area.

At a recent NASP Coordinator's Conference, we viewed a power point entitled, "Resistance Training in Children"Adobe PDF and how it relates to the physical fitness benefits of an archery program.

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