Gym Floor Testimonials


taught archery this year and we have two gyms and I use the "good" gym we use for basketball games and so forth. An arrow would hit the floor every now and then, but no scratches or anything that I could see. Hope this helps.
Jennifer Layson

I am a basketball coach, and I use it in my gym!!! Feel free to give him my number, email ect....thanks
Andrew Heuertz

It is not a problem. Utilize the curtain, and if desired, place a mat under the targets.
Tommy Floyd, Principal, Somerset High School

Good Morning,
I understand that you have some questions about the use of archery equipment in your gymnasium. I will try to assist with some general questions and areas then if you would like to talk please feel free to call the school or my home. The school number is 888-825-4546 and my home is 606-549-3038. With that, let's see if I can address some concerns. First, we have been shooting in the gym for about 13 years, and knock on wood, we have never had any damage yet. We have also had the expertise and guidance from people like Rod White, Jennie Richardson, and Roy Grimes and I can assure you, if they say it's so, bank on it. When we first got started, we had the local grocery store donate us bailed card board boxes. These worked fine and we would still be using them if not for innovations in the industry. The nets and backstops today are a million times better and easier to use. Those card board boxes weighed a ton but worked, the new equipment is much safer and better. We have always incorporated strict discipline with our archery and our teachings have kept arrows off the floor and ceilings and such. We start so close that it's virtually impossible for our beginning shooters to miss and success breeds good habits. Another good thing about it all is on good days it's so easy to move outside. We seldom use the gym for our club, unless it's at night so the kids can benefit from lights. We use the gym for our P.E. classes on a monthly basis, and have never had a bit of trouble. Our handicapped children, some with severe disabilities are included, and they too experience success and have a ball. I can truthfully say that there is no down side to a school archery program and that some kids will find their niche here for the first time. Good luck!
Richard Prewitt Principal Whitley County Middle School

I have had not problem with the gym floor. If you'd like to give them my e-mail or address I would not mind.
Melody Hamilton Physical Education Teacher

It has not hurt the gym floor at all, we put plywood behind the curtain so they don't hurt the wood bleachers.
Scott Ricks
Union County Middle School

I do take precautions for my floor, such as a tarp underneath my targets and extending 3 foot in the back and 3 foot in the front. I also have a rubber mat company that discards their 3 x 5 mats to me. I don't use the tarp any more because I put the mats down. The door mat companies will let you have the old door mats cheap. The kind that you put infront of businesses and schools. They work great. I have not had any damage to my floor. Also, carpet stores will let you have old carpet. Make sure it is the indoor outdoor flat carpet, or you can turn the carpet over for the flat side. If they are worried about the floor, there are lots of cheap ways to protect it.
Not a Problem.
Tina Davis
Athletic Director
Trigg County School System

I would be more than happy to talk with this person about the use of archery in gyms. We have never had a problem with arrows causing damage to the floor and never expect that to be the case. It would be a shame for this person not to take place in the archery program because of this reason.
Jeremy Anderson
Garrard Middle School

The bows have been very successful in a gym situation. We have yet to have scratched the floors or harm any part of the gym with the archery equipment.
Tammy Hensley

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