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Here you will to find black bear related information and activities for children. For more ideas, be sure to look at our Cub's Corner page.

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The Florida Black Bear Curriculum Guide, a joint project of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Defenders of Wildlife, is a comprehensive series of lessons on the natural history and conservation needs of Florida's black bear. Designed to educate teachers and students in grades 3-8.

A Black Bear walks through a forest in the spring.

The Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario Canada has activity books and teacher ecology guides designed for various grade levels available online External Website.

The following additional activities can serve as extensions and supplements to the lessons included in The Florida Black Bear Curriculum Guide.

  • Bearly Born, How Many Bears Can Live in This Forest? and What Bear Goes Where? 2010. In Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide, Council for Environmental Education, Houston, TX. The complete Activity Guide can be obtained by attending a Project WILD workshop. For more information, please visit the national websiteExternal Website. For workshops in Florida visit our website.
  • Bears: An Interactive Animal Kit. 1998. (Includes a poster and cassette). Scholastic, New York, NY.
  • Smith, K. R., and Bush, A. H. 1994. Investigating Science Through Bears. Teacher Ideas Press, Englewood, CO.
  • Wexo, J.. 1987. Bears Zoobooks. Wildlife Education, Ltd., San Diego, CA.

Who says Black Bears can't relax? This one is tired from a hard day of eating.Additionally, the Central Florida Zoological Park External Website(Sanford, FL) offers two outreach programs on bears, one for primary grades and one for upper elementary grades, designed to complement The Florida Black Bear Curriculum Guide. To schedule a program, contact the CFZ Education Registrar at (407) 323-4450 EXT. 123.

You may also want to look for these books, magazine articles, and videos at your local library.

Books & Magazines about Bears in General

  • Anderson, T. et al. 1992. Black Bear: Seasons in the Wild, Voyageur Press, Stillwater, MN.
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A Black Bear teaches her cubs how to survive.

Audiovisual Resources about Bears in General

  • Living with Florida Black Bears External Website. 2009. 15 minute video segment that discusses Florida black bear ecology, conservation efforts, and how to avoid conflicts.
  • Season of the bearExternal Website. Volume I (American Black Bear), Volume II (Black Bear Cubs), Volume III (True Bear Stories) available on video and DVD. To order contact CoveBear Home Entertainment by visiting their website or contacting them via mail at Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc., CoveBear Studios, 11770 Haynes Bridge Road, Suite 205-209, Alpharetta, GA 30009 or email.
  • The Bear Facts, The Story of a North Carolina Treasure External Website. Available on DVD from the State of North Carolina Wildlife Natural Resources. You may contact them via e-mail, mail or phone at 1-866-945-3746.
  • Bears: Kings of the Wild. 1991. 23 minute video. Distributed by Britannica, Chicago, IL.

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See bibliography for black bear research publications and literature.

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