Senior Staff

The following individuals comprise the Commission's Senior Leadership Team.
Send correspondence to them in care of:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600

Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
100 Eighth Avenue SE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Regional Offices

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Executive Director
Eric Sutton
Assistant Executive Director
Thomas Eason, Ph.D.
Chief of Staff
Jennifer Fitzwater
Chief Operating Officer
Jodi Bailey
Chief Financial Officer
Charlotte Jerrett
Law Enforcement Col. Curtis Brown 850-488-6251
Hunting and Game Management Diane Eggeman 850-488-3831
Marine Fisheries Management Jessica McCawley 850-487-0554
Freshwater Fisheries Management Tom Champeau 850-488-0331
Fish and Wildlife Research Institute Gil McRae 727-896-8626
Habitat and Species Conservation Kipp Frohlich 850-488-3831
Finance and Budget Jodi Bailey 850-488-6551
Information Technology Ignacio Sanchez 850-414-2870
Licensing and Permitting Erin Rainey 850-488-3641
Community Relations Susan Neel 850-488-4676
Public Access and Wildlife Viewing Services Jerrie Lindsey 850-488-5520
Legal Harold G. "Bud" Vielhauer 850-487-1764
Legislative Affairs Jessica Crawford 850-487-3795
Inspector General Mike Troelstrup 850-488-6068
Human Resources Emily Norton 850-488-6411
Regional Operations Regional Directors
Northwest George Warthen, 850-265-3676
North Central Chris Wynn 386-758-0525
Northeast Shannon Wright 352-732-1225
Southwest Thomas Graef 863-648-3200
South Thomas Reinert 561-625-5122

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The loon call, described as a maniacal musical laugh, a falsetto wail, a yodel and a tremolo, is commonly heard during breeding and non-breeding seasons.

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