Lighting Resources

These are additional resources in wildlife lighting that may be useful in conducting lighting research.

"Understanding, Assessing, and Resolving Light-Pollution Problems on Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches", by Blair Witherington and Erik Martin. Available in English or Spanish PDF.  This Technical Report provides background information on sea turtles and lights and discusses many solutions to lighting problems.

Coastal Roadway Lighting Manual: A Handbook of Practical Guidelines for Managing Street Lighting to Minimize Impacts to Sea Turtles by Ecological Associates PDF.  The manual was prepared by Ecological Associates, Inc. for the Florida Power and Light Company. It provides solutions for lighting on coastal roadways.

Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting by Catherine Rich and Travis Longcore. (for purchase)

The Florida Power and Light web site has information about sea turtles and lights.

Migratory birds also have problems with light pollution. Information about this subject can be found at the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) web site.

The US National Park Service also has concerns about light pollution. Their web site has an executive summary regarding the Vanishing Night Skies at

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