Certified Wildlife Lighting

Fixtures and Bulbs

The fixtures and bulbs on the pages listed below have all been reviewed through the Wildlife Lighting Certification Process.  To be Wildlife Lighting Certified, the required options and bulleted recommendations for each fixture or bulb must also be met. They are categorized by use. Click on the label to go to the specific page.

The items listed below are intended to act as a resource to assist in identifying products that have been certified through or Wildlife Lighting Program.  To purchase these products, please contact the manufacturers or distributors of these products.

Be sure to return to this page often, as new information is added regularly.

wall fixture photo

Certified Wall Mounted Fixtures PDF

ceiling mount photo

Certified Ceiling Mounted Fixtures PDF

step lighting photo

Certified Step Lights PDF

pole lighting photo

Certified Pole Fixtures PDF
 Cree Certified Roadway Lighting PDF

Walkway fixture

Certified Walkway Lighting PDF


Certified Bulbs PDF

bollard photo

Certified Bollards PDF

Plexineon Warm

Certified Linear/Tape/Bullet LED Lights PDF

LS333ANS-2LED-underwater.jpg Certified Underwater Lighting PDF

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