Florida Wildlife Conservation Guide


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Office of Conservation Planning Services (CPS) provides science-based resource management recommendations and technical assistance to conserve and enhance Florida's natural habitats and wildlife resources. CPS staff is available to:

  • Work with private landowners, public agencies including cities and counties, planners, developers and environmental consultants.
  • Provide assistance and recommendations on fish and wildlife resources that may be affected by different land uses.

FWC staff in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service External Website, Florida Natural Areas Inventory External Website and other stakeholders developed the Florida Wildlife Conservation Guide to assist in this effort. The FWC’s Land Use Planning Program maintains this online resource that facilitates effective land use planning, project design and habitat management, with a focus on wildlife conservation.  The guide serves as an easy-to-use repository of fish and wildlife biology and habitat information, as well as wildlife conservation options.

Users of the Guide will find a compendium of information, reference materials and guidelines related to fish and wildlife, land use planning and conservation. Private landowners can find information about assistance programs that are available, including incentive-based restoration and habitat management through the FWC's Landowner Assistance Program. Environmental consultants and landowners can access recommended species-specific survey protocols, habitat management practices and guidance on wildlife-friendly site design. Public agencies can find wildlife-related protection recommendations on minimizing impacts to wildlife and options for mitigation.

The Guide serves as a starting point for identifying fish and wildlife resource needs during the information-gathering phases of land planning and development, as well as habitat management projects. It provides the best available scientific information that can aid in ecologically-based, landscape-level land use planning. For more information, contact the Office of Conservation Planning Services at FWCConservationPlanningServices@MyFWC.com.

FWC Facts:
Florida is a peninsula, which contributes to the number of invasive species affecting our ecosystem.

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