Program Eligibility Requirements

Properties meeting one or both of the following criteria are eligible for Florida's Safe Harbor Program:

  • Current or historic use of the property by red-cockaded woodpeckers
  • The property has potential red-cockaded woodpecker habitat

Landowner Responsibilities

Landowners agree to maintain or improve foraging and breeding habitat for red-cockaded woodpeckers for the duration of the agreement. Habitat management guidelines include:

  • Conduct prescribed fires on a regular or recurring basis
  • Manage pine forest stands so that they provide suitable foraging (i.e., age > 30 years) or nesting/roosting habitat (i.e., age > 60 years
  • Provide a minimum of 75 acres of foraging habitat for each territory
  • Timber harvesting is allowed from August through the end of March in areas containing red-cockaded woodpeckers

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