CWA boundary:

Stick Marsh bird's eye view map

County: Brevard
Total Area: .92 acres uplands, 1.55 acres water
Closure Dates: Islands closed year-round, in-water buffer and area between islands closed from January 1 – July 31
Focal Species: Roseate spoonbills, great egret, snowy egret, tricolored herons, anhinga 

The Stick Marsh is a popular site for bird watchers because of easy viewing from shore. These two small islands are important sites for nesting of roseate spoonbills and tricolored herons.  Birds use the site throughout the winter for roosting.  The islands are closed year-round, and the in-water buffer is posted closed seasonally to protect nesting birds.   

Stick Marsh view

FWC Facts:
Gutters and storm drains can transport excess lawn chemicals to coastal waters and damage seagrass beds.

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