Thank you for your interest in Florida’s Wildlife Legacy Initiative’s State Wildlife Grants Program. The application period is now closed for 2018. Please check back in summer 2019 to apply for the next cycle.

Application and Submission Instructions

Projects are developed to address the Implementation Goals of Florida’s State Wildlife Action Plan. Please note that Implementation Goals will be revised for 2018.

Applicants should obtain a copy of Florida’s State Wildlife Grants Program Guidelines Adobe PDF and Florida’s State Wildlife Grants Report Guidelines Adobe PDF for additional instructions. Applications will include each of the following sections.

      • Application Form Adobe PDF - limited to two (2) pages 
      • Scope of Work including:
        • Public Description
        • Introduction
        • Objectives
        • Methods
        • Schedule
        • (The public description, introduction, objectives, methods and schedule listed above are limited to five (5) pages total)
        • Biographical Sketches - maximum of 1/2 page per person, single spaced.
        • Budget Narrative - maximum of three (3) pages
        • Appendices (as needed), i.e. high resolution or color images, charts, tables, etc. - limited to five (5) pages
        • Match commitment letter(s)
        • A copy of the agency or entity’s current Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement
      • Budget Form

In general, applications will be evaluated based on how well the project criteria are addressed, on the applicant’s qualifications, on the technical merit of the proposed approach, on the appropriate use of funds, and verifiable deliverables.  Each application will be scored in an initial review Adobe PDF, technical review Adobe PDF, and final review Adobe PDF.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding the grant cycle or application requirements, please contact Andrea Alden, the State Wildlife Grants Coordinator, at or Robyn McDole, the Assistant State Wildlife Grants Coordinator, at

If you would like to discuss project ideas with one of our biologists, please see the contact page.

If you are interested in receiving correspondence from Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative, including State Wildlife Grant Announcements, please register on our sign-up page.

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