The Revision Process

Who is responsible for revising Florida's State Wildlife Action Plan?

The FWC is leading efforts to revise the Action Plan, and is working with, and requesting input from partners, stakeholders and the public throughout the process.


Who decides how often the State Wildlife Action Plan is revised?

A  federal mandate requires revision at a minimum of every 10 years, but the FWC chose to conduct revisions on the document every five years.


Why revise the State Wildlife Action Plan?

The FWC is making revisions to improve the effectiveness of the Action Plan and the allocation of State Wildlife Grant funds. The revision period also allows input on changes to the Action Plan from partners, stakeholders and the public.

What changes will be made to the document?

Efforts during the 2011 revision will focus on 1) improving the Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) list, 2) incorporating a chapter on climate change, 3) revising the approach to conserving freshwater habitats, 4) including information on the first five years of Action Plan implementation and 5) reducing redundancy, and reorganizing to improve clarity and readability.  In 2015, a second phase of revision will continue to integrate climate change into the document and revise the habitat categories and the corresponding GIS information, threats and actions.

How will the changes affect the State Wildlife Grants (SWG) Program?

The criteria for prioritizing and funding SWG proposals are based upon the State Wildlife Action Plan and related implementation goals.  Therefore, any changes to the Action Plan have the potential to change the prioritization criteria and SWG funding accordingly.

Will the habitat category maps change and how?

During phase two of the Action Plan revisions, due to be completed in 2015, a new land cover classification system for Florida will be incorporated into the Action Plan along with new GIS maps and revised threats and actions.

Currently, an interactive ARC Internet Mapping Service is available to provide updated GIS information concerning the current 45 habitats as new and improved GIS data becomes available.

How can I get involved with Action Plan revision? 

As part of a longstanding commitment to working with stakeholders, partners and members of the public, the FWC welcomes your review, input and comments on the revised State Wildlife Action Plan.  Questions or comments concerning the State Wildlife Action Plan revisions are welcome and can be sent to

The draft document(s) will be posted here when it is completed and ready for comment.

Your participation is key to ensuring that the Action Plan is an effective tool for conserving Florida's diversity of wildlife resources for future generations.

What has Florida accomplished since the initial creation of the Action Plan?

Since its inception in 2004, Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative has worked with more than 100 partners to create approximately 150 projects including habitat restoration, research, surveying and monitoring, and other conservation projects on both public and private lands.  Data gathered from expanded survey and monitoring efforts has helped manage populations of invertebrates, fish, amphibians and coastal shorebirds.  Activities supported included prescribed fire teams, coral monitoring and mapping, springs working groups and seagrass restoration and monitoring.  State Wildlife Grants provided more than $18 million and were matched with resources from partners and the FWC.


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