Florida's Coastal Tool Shed

Tool Shed Photo

There are many different agencies, organizations, and businesses that work to promote, conserve, manage, and regulate Florida’s coastal habitats and species.  Each of these entities has a different set of “tools” (such as programs, plans, or regulations) they use in their work; together all of these can be thought of as Florida’s Coastal Tool Shed.  With so many groups working along our coasts, there are many, many different tools - some may be obsolete, some need to be cleaned or repaired, and in some cases we may need to add new ones to the shed. 

CWCI wants to help organize that tool shed so that anyone who needs a tool can enter the shed, see everything that's available and how it's used, and select the right tool for the job. As a start, we've linked some of FWC’s tools, and some others we’re aware of, organized by CWCI’s key strategies for conserving coastal wildlife and habitats, and balancing public use.


Management & Public Use




Incentive Based Programs

Voluntary Programs

Economics & Financial Resources

Current Grant Opportunities

FWC Facts:
Approximately 1.7 million acres of Florida's remaining natural areas have been invaded by nonindigenous plant species, which have degraded and diminished our ecosystem.

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