Aquatic Habitat Restoration/Enhancement

The Aquatic Habitat Restoration/Enhancement Subsection (AHRE) is responsible for managing, enhancing, and preserving aquatic habitat in Florida for the long-term well-being of fish and aquatic wildlife and the benefit of the people of Florida. AHRE staff develops aquatic management programs based on scientific information about fish and wildlife populations.  These programs are required to make management decisions by the FWC or influence decisions of other governmental bodies, such as water management districts, counties, Department of Environmental Protection, and others to ensure quality fish and wildlife habitat in Florida wetlands, lakes, rivers, and streams. Projects are developed in coordination with other FWC staff through teams developed to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to habitat management. AHRE staff:

  • identifies, develops, and implements comprehensive aquatic habitat management programs to improve the ecological health of freshwater habitats
  • coordinates exotic and invasive aquatic vegetation control activities with other agencies
  • develops comprehensive management programs for selected water bodies in coordination with FWC staff, other governmental agencies, and public stakeholders
  • conducts aquatic habitat restoration and aquatic resource management to benefit fish and wildlife resources
  • partners and coordinates with other governmental entities on aquatic habitat enhancement or restoration projects.

FWC Facts:
Healthy lakes with vibrant fisheries enhance property values & development potential and justify the need for sustainable development practices to protect them into the future.

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