Representatives of NMB Technical Advisory Group

Kayak Anglers

Name Affiliation Region
Mike Kogan Jax
Ted Perron Palm Beach Water Yaks Coral Springs
Rik LLewellyn Paddling Sarasota
Ferd Salomon Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Club Pensacola

Recreational Paddlers

Name Affiliation Region
Ed Schessl Club Kayak, FPTA Tampa
Frances Stone WFCKC, FPTA Marianna
Sean Phelan Space Coast Paddling Club Melbourne
Pat Owen SWFl Paddling Club Cape Coral


Name Affiliation Region
Jerry Allway Cape Coral Rowing Club Ft Myers


Name Affiliation Region
Russell Farrow Sweetwater Kayaks St Pete

Florida Paddling Trail Association

Name Affiliation Region
Hank Brooks President, Florida Paddling Trails Association St Pete

Florida Professional Paddlesports Association

Name Affiliation Region
Robert Baker Board member FPPA Tallahassee


Name Affiliation Region
Jo Mogle US Sailing Association Punta Gorda

Boating Advisory Council

Name Affiliation Region
Becky Bragg Boating Advisory Council, outfitter Arcadia
Jorge Gutierrez United Waterfowlers of Florida Region Miami

FWC Facts:
A child under the age of 6 must wear a USCG-approved Type I, II or III personal flotation device (PFD) while onboard a vessel under 26 feet that is underway.

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