Division of Hunting and Game Management

Diane Eggeman, Director
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600

The Division of Hunting and Game Management (HGM) uses scientifically proven game-management strategies and professional expertise to perpetuate sustainable hunting opportunities statewide, with an emphasis on waterfowl, small game, deer, wild turkey and alligators. The Division also develops rules and recommends wildlife management policies on more than 5.9 million acres of public hunting lands, which provide various hunting opportunities. Many division staff participate in national, state and regional advisory groups to support management and regulation of Florida game species. The Division also houses the Hunter Safety and Public Shooting Ranges section, which offers hunter safety programs to teach people hunting laws, ethics, conservation and responsible use of firearms. Students who successfully complete a hunter safety course can purchase a license to hunt unsupervised in Florida.


To manage and conserve game wildlife for the future, while fostering safe and responsible hunting.


  • Manages hunting activities and associated wildlife resources using science-based strategies to ensure that conservation objectives are met and hunting opportunities are sustainable.
  • Develops or expands new hunting opportunities and improves existing hunting opportunities statewide.
  • Provides high-quality programs for hunter safety training and public target shooting opportunities.
  • Provides programs to recruit Floridians, especially youths, as participants in hunting and other wildlife-related activities and retain those already involved in hunting. Young people who participate in outdoor recreation are more aware and supportive of conservation efforts as adults.
  • Brings together hunting interest groups, governmental and nongovernmental agencies, research institutes and the public to consider ways to effectively manage Florida’s game wildlife species.
  • Provides scientific expertise to the Commission so they can make the best informed decisions about managing Florida’s game wildlife resources.

Division of Hunting and Game Management sections

Game Management and Public Hunting

Managing Florida’s wild game populations using science, leadership and key partnerships occurs in this section. Section staff use scientific research to develop sound management practices to conserve wild game species while providing opportunities for responsible and sustainable hunting. The section also develops partnerships, rules, regulations and publications that facilitate safe and sustainable public hunting opportunities on more than 5.9 million public acres in Florida. Section staff coordinate the distribution of rule-related information and publications, provide technical assistance to the hunting public, and work with stakeholders and partners to coordinate support for hunting-related activities on public lands.

Hunter Safety and Public Shooting Ranges

In this section, programs are offered throughout the state to address the division’s mission. Florida Statutes require many hunters to be certified. HGM provides hunter safety courses as well as workshops and special events to ensure Florida hunters are well prepared to be safe, responsible and conservation-minded. Specialized courses include Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, Advanced Archery and Basic Muzzleloading Firearms. Safety training camps for young hunters and public target shooting ranges throughout the state also are offered.

HGM budget summary

Funding source FTE FTE salaries Other costs
FGTF   $683,566 $1,476,384
GDTF   $0 $315,897
LATF   $516,810 $152,007
SGTF   $1,639,194 $3,130,851
Total operating   $2,839,570 $5,075,139
Palm Beach Rec Shooting Sports Park   $0 $3,090,000
Total budget 45.0 $2,839,570 $8,165,139

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