Florida Panther

Mother panther with her cub

Florida panthers are the larger of Florida’s two native cat species (panthers and bobcats). Although most panthers are found south of Lake Okeechobee, they have been documented throughout the peninsula and even into Georgia.  Female panthers have only been documented in south Florida so that is where all known breeding occurs.  Panthers are listed as an Endangered Species under the Endangered Species Act.  There are approximately 120-230 adult panthers in the population.

PawPanther Pulse

See regular updates about documented panther births, deaths and depredations.

Report injured or dead
panthers to the FWC

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Panther Tag

panther-tag.jpgWhen you purchase a panther license plate, your donation goes directly to supporting the research and management of Florida panthers.


Report Panther Sightings

If you see a Florida panther and can collect evidence such as pictures of the animal or its tracks, please share your panther sightings with FWC.


Guide to living with Florida panthers
A guide to living with Florida Panthers.

EZ Guide to Identify Panther Tracks
E-Z guide to identify panther tracks.



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Black bear dens in Florida are usually shallow depressions on the ground lined with leaves and are most often found in very dense vegetation.

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